What is TeamFlow?

TeamFlow is the place for people who want to support their teams to build healthy relationships at work, with zero conflicts.

When you are in a situation of two companies merging, reorganizing, or transforming your company, the people are affected. You want to guide them going smoothly through this, even boosting motivation and performance.

TeamFlow focuses on methods to do this in a simple, brain-based, and playful way.

If you are a leader, agile coach, scrum master, project manager, product owner, or facilitator, or have any role in making things easier for others, you are in the right place!

Who is writing TeamFlow?

Hi, I am Andra and my mission is to guide people to create healthy relationships at work through playful and brain-based trainings, workshops, and play sessions.

I have more than 16 years of experience supporting various teams in solving their challenges, working in different environments, industries, and locations, and dealing with multicultural and neurodiverse teams.

After building up experience facilitating workshops for different teams and topics, I started to learn the WHY behind situations, taking training and applying them to the neuroscience of communication and team dynamics. I did research and as I am fascinated about how neuroscience blends with facilitation, I started creating my methods and adapting the well-known methods to my style and purpose.

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🎲 you will relate to specific challenges and be able to identify which challenges your team has; probably some you were not aware until now that they exist

🎲 you will be able to explain the WHY behind the scenes; why does a specific challenge happen, what is the neuroscience explanation of it

🎲you will get simple steps on what you could do to help your team solve the challenge they have

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How to support your team create healthy work relationships with brain-based, playful methods. Zero conflicts.


I help teams create valuable outcomes fast. Through facilitation and trainings I create opportunities for teams to improve their dynamics, collaboration, finding their values and principles, aligning, finding their vision and solving big challenges .